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Teardrop Hanging Vase

Teardrop Hanging Vase

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Traditional, hand-blown glass vase in an elongated teardrop shape with a loop for hanging. Perfect for a single stem picked from the garden, or dried flowers in winter.

Each hanging vase is made from 100% recycled glass, hand blown by Syrian master glass blowers - an ancient and ancestral skill that has been passed down through many generations. Slight warps, marks and air bubbles make each piece unique.

We like to hang them in groups of three at different heights with one type of flower. Try nasturtiums in late summer, foraged grasses and berries in autumn, dried seed heads and hellebores in winter, followed by snowdrops in January and narcissi, bluebells and primrose in spring. 

Available in Clear, Amber and Olive green. 

Dimensions: Length 12cm

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