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This Strawberry has been preserved using the traditional method of flower pressing, mounted and framed at our studio in South London. Mounted on off-white 1400 micron mount board, this specimen is set within a subtle scored border with its plant name in calligraphy, giving this traditional art form a beautiful modern finish. 

Our pressed flower artworks are framed in a bespoke matte black 5mm x 35mm aluminium box frame with UV conservation glass to offer maximum protection from exposure to light. We advise hanging your pressed flowers away from direct sunlight to prevent them fading quickly. 

Each pressing captures the individual beauty and character of the specimen in that moment. Although preserved, its unique nature will continue to change over time. Pressed botanicals will inevitably lose colour, although they will never lose their form. We celebrate this as part of a flower’s ephemeral nature and does not detract from the beauty or value of the piece.

Calligraphy by Lu Guthrie.

Dimensions (Framed): 42.5cm x 30cm x 3.5cm

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