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Kenzan Flower Frog

Kenzan Flower Frog

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The Niwaki flower frog is an excellent tool for making foam free flower arrangements. Easy to use, this tool is great for both novice and experienced florists. Sharp brass pins sit closely together in a weighty metal base and can support thicker woody stems but also softer delicate flowers and grasses too. Lower into any vessel you like and fill up with water.

We like to use the Niwaki frog to create artful and organic arrangements in ceramic tea bowls or low vases with a wide opening. The heavy lead base wrapped in rubber prevents the frog from slipping in the vessel. This frog is the perfect size for our ceramic flower bowl.

Tip: For larger twigs and woody foliage stems, snip a criss cross cut into the base of the stem first before lowering onto the frog, this will help to support the stems into position.

Made in Japan.

Dimensions: D 61mm. Weight 257g

Niwaki was founded by Jake Hobson, who was influenced by a trip to Japan to take up what he now calls ‘organic topiary’, and bring to the Western market all the innovative Japanese tools that go with it, and more.

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