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Illuminated Meadow, 2021

Illuminated Meadow, 2021

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Pressed botanical specimens gathered in the Spring of 2021 from the wild water meadows on the Thyme estate, Gloucestershire, are captured between two sheets of perspex and lit from behind to make this completely unique illuminated meadow come to life.

Buttercups, Butterfly Ranunculus, Aquilegia, English Bluebells, Snake’s-head Fritillaries, Scabious and Herb Robert all feature in the composition. Look closely and you might spot a tiny tulip or two dancing amongst the stems.

This piece will change over time as the natural colours of the flowers slowly fade. Each pressing captures the individual beauty and character of the specimen in that moment, though the evidence of its unique nature continues to change very slowly over time. Pressed botanicals will lose colour eventually, although they will never lose their form. We celebrate this as part of a flower’s ephemeral beauty.

Plywood frame painted matt black. Includes integrated LED panels, dimmer switch and power supply with UK mains plug and lead (2m length). 

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Plywood, perspex, botanical specimens

W 150cm x H 75cm x D 10cm
Frame Profile 1.5cm

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