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Hand & Body Lotion, 300ml

Hand & Body Lotion, 300ml

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This lightweight, velvety lotion is infused with almond oil and geranium hydrolat which protects and hydrates, allowing it to be absorbed quickly leaving your skin soft, nourished and delicately scented.

Organic and made from 100% Natural Essential Oils: 

Geranium - Balancing
Corn Mint - Uplifting
Lavender - Calming
Lemon Myrtle - Refreshing
Chamomile - Relaxing
Grapefruit - Invigorating
Cedarwood - Soothing
Frankincense - Grounding

Due to the natural content of the formulation, colour may vary over time but the product remains perfectly safe and effective for use.

C.Atherley is a British body care brand which expertly captures the magic and soothing fragrance of scented leaf geraniums. From plant to product, these bespoke formulations have been developed, created and bottled in the English countryside.

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