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Botanical Paperweights

Botanical Paperweights

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These exquisite paperweights preserve the head of a flower or seed head in a crystal clear resin sphere, allowing the delicate specimens to be admired from all angles.

These botanical paperweights make the ideal gift, as beautiful stand alone ornaments, or for adding interest to any desk, table setting or mantlepiece. Each paperweight is unique, with no two the same, making it an original work of art and highly collectable.

Located in the Margam Forest of South Wales, Hafod Grange have been embedding flowers and seed heads gathered from their garden and surrounding countryside into resin for over 50 years; creating the unusual, bordering on the impossible.

The resin, a material that has the look of molten glass with none of its specimen-destroying properties, is infused with a UV filter to prevent fading. 

Dimensions: Small 6cm; Large 8cm  

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