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Blumenhaus Magazine, Issue 4

Blumenhaus Magazine, Issue 4

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Blumenhaus is a luxurious hybrid of an art book and a magazine, founded and designed by Camille Gressier & Isabelle Laydier Kristensen.

Written exclusively by a group of professional editors & journalists specialized in botany, Blumenhaus focuses as much on aesthetics – mixing contemporary visuals and antique archives – as on bringing insight to its readers.

Blumenhaus is more than just a book, it will become part of your interior as a complete lifestyle object.

In this volume:

  • Ancient History - flowers & their meanings

  • The Modern Garden Cottage Revolution

  • Horticouture - A History of Fashion & Flowers

  • The Classical Origins of Leisure and Philosophy in the Garden

  • A Neighbour Who Left Me Flowers on My Doorstep Every Friday

  • Grown in Cloth: 19th Century Botanical Quilts

  • On Prairie Girls: The Endurance of Pastoral Romanticism

Dimensions: 25 x 34cm, 196 pages.

Made in Paris, printed in Spain on offset quality paper. Cover 350g, inside pages 120g.

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