Pressed Wedding Flowers

We use traditional methods of flower pressing to press and preserve your wedding flowers. We create single or multi-stem framed pressed flower artworks with a modern aesthetic using suitable specimens from your bouquet and table flowers.

Examples of our signature pressed wedding bouquet designs are pictured below. Standard sizes range from A3 to A1, or we can make bespoke artworks to any size required, depending on the flowers we have to work with. Your flowers are mounted on off-white or black mount board with a subtle scored border detail. Our single stem pieces include the flower's name in hand written calligraphy; bespoke calligraphy, such as names and dates, is available on request.

Our classic frames are black or white brushed aluminium with a slim 5mm profile and UV protected ArtGlass. Bespoke framing options also available on request.

Please see our enquiry form below for all wedding commission requests.

Wedding Bouquet on black, A3

A selection of your bouquet flowers carefully composed and mounted within a subtle scored border on a striking black background. Bespoke white calligraphy available on request.

From £350

Wedding Bouquet on white, A3

A selection of your bouquet flowers carefully composed and mounted within a subtle scored border on a white background. Bespoke calligraphy available on request.

From £350

Individual Framed Flowers

A selection of your wedding flowers, pressed and mounted individually in a series. Each specimen is composed within a subtle scored border on a white or black mount. Calligraphy of the flower name is included and bespoke calligraphy is available on request.

From £225 per piece

Multi-Stem Artwork

A complex layered design using a variety of stems. This type of artwork works beautifully when we have an assortment of long and delicate stems to work with. For example, grasses, umbellifers and climbing stems give beautiful rhythmic movement to a composition.

Artwork pictured is A1. Bespoke sizes available on request.

From £1,575

Suitable flowers for pressing

We are often surprised by what we find when we peel back the layers of paper inside a flower press. Sometimes the most unlikely flowers result in the most exquisite pressings. However not all flowers are suitable for pressing.

Delicate flowers with a flat petal structure and a slender stem will press best. Umbellifers such as ammi majus, grasses in all varieties, along with climbing and trailing plants such as sweet peas, jasmine and clematis, all add movement and interest to a composition. We avoid larger, juicier flower varieties with complex petal structures, such as garden roses and peonies, as they do not press well, along with some varieties of white flowers which can discolour in the press.

We are here to offer advice on suitable flowers for pressing throughout the seasons, and we are also very happy to dissuss directly with your florist.

How It Works

Once we have received your enquiry, we will discuss your options and preferences, before requiring a deposit to secure your booking. We accept deliveries of fresh wedding flowers at the studio Monday to Friday by appointment. Flowers must be delivered within two days of your wedding date. We recommend asking your florist to keep a selection of flowers back specifically for pressing.

Alternatively if you provide photographs of your wedding flowers, we will source the same flowers for you - this option will ensure flowers are pressed in their best condition. (Prices quoted above do not include sourcing flowers).

If JamJar Flowers are creating your wedding bouquet, we can hold back a selection of beautiful specimens for pressing on the day of your wedding.

Flower Care & Transport

Please arrange delivery of your wedding flowers to our studio: 10a Peacock Yard, Iliffe Street, London SE17 3LH.

To keep your flowers fresh over the weekend, place them in a vase with the ends of the stems in clean water, and keep somewhere cool to avoid wilting.

When transporting to our studio, make sure the flowers are kept upright if possible to avoid any damage or bruising to the petals. Transport in a bucket or jar of water if you can, especially if they have far to travel.